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Foshan QiCe Testing Technical Service Co., Ltd. is a technical service company which provides professional testing and feasibility analysis of household electrical appliances .The company's founder and engineers come from GREE, Midea, Kelon and other well-known enterprises. They have nearly twenty years’ experience of research and development and quality management, can provide one-stop service of product technical consultation and testing research for customers.
The testing center is equipped with advanced testing equipments Such as 5P enthalpy difference test room and 8P operating room. Laboratory’s hardwares including the Bitzer low temperature compressor, the 45KVA three-phase inverter power supply, the Henghe differential pressure air flow device, the high precision platinum resistance, the professional and reliable testing equipment and control system. We can provide customers with "A stable working environment in the range of ±0.1℃, the -30℃ low temperature conditions, the wind test within the error of ±0.5% ." We can also provide customers with: ″ Electrical parameter test, Enthalpy difference energy efficiency detection, Air flow test, Dehumidifying capacity test , Specific conditions or environmental tests, Temperature rise test of electric appliance products, Product system operation pressure monitoring etc.. ″The company solemnly promises: the technical level of the testing services we provide can fully reach the technical level of the national laboratory such as CVC, CQC!
The main products we can test including: air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heat pumps, fresh air machine, Air cleaner, fans and a variety of small household electrical appliances, etc..
In order to develop the market, provides better customer service and combine technical experiences and testing resources. The company has established a strategic cooperation with the professional enthalpy difference equipment company. Holding the principles of "professional, accuracy and costing. "The company can provide customers with the most cost-effective consultants and services of laboratory designs and manufacturing technology .And help customers to grow and develop continually.
QiCe has always been adhering to the technical service purposes of "rigorous, accurate, fair, service, win-win", and provide customers with one-stop testing service of “ professional, efficient, convenient” . To provide better services, the company continues to integrate one’s development into the process of customer's R&D and quality evaluation process. Customer’s satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!