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Introduction to Lu Tianjian, a leader in biodiagnosis/advanced materials

Product testing description

 Professor Lu Tianjian is the leader of the research and development innovation team/advanced functional structural materials team of the biological frontier diagnostic technology in our hospital.
Research area or direction
Professor Lu Tianjian's cross-fusion mechanics, materials science, heat transfer, acoustics, biomedical sciences, etc., has long been committed to the "basic and applied research of "ultra-light porous materials" and "bio-thermal-force coupling", which is China's two An academic leader in the frontier field and the chief scientist of two consecutive 973 projects. His research has the characteristics of large subject span, strong originality, and close integration of theory and practice.
Harvard University Ph.D., Professor, Vice President. National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, "New Century Talents Project", China Young Scientist Award, China Youth Science and Technology Award, Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology First Prize, winner of the Chinese Overseas Chinese Contribution Award, Chief Scientist of the 973 Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Mechanics, Deputy Director of the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of Education, Director of the China Aviation Society, and former professor of lifelong lectures at the University of Cambridge. He is the founding editor of SCI Journal Int J App Mech; training 56 domestic and foreign graduate students, guiding 15 postdoctoral fellows
Academic and research achievements
The results obtained are reflected in 5 Chinese and English monographs, 10 JMPS (International Solid Mechanics Signature Journals) papers, 2 Adv Appl Mech and Appl Mech Rev reviews, and more than 300 other papers, which were included in 186 by SCI. He cited 1623 times (611 in the last two years; h factor was 23); authorized invention patents 12 items. Leaders of the organization team built a porous material innovation base to realize the protection of porous metal in manned spacecraft, lightweight explosion-proof tanks (recommended to participate in the National Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition of the 11th Five-Year National), and the protection of key equipment of the missile under supersonic shock. Successful application has made outstanding contributions to China's leading international theory, overall technology and application effects in this high-tech field.